"Of Course, It's Obvious" by Arem R. Jayar

Basic Obvious Truths that you will think you should have already known,

but that life in a modern culture can push to the back of your soul.

Of Course Its Obvious by Arem R Jayar is a supplement to enhance your life

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"Of Course, It's Obvious" is the kind of book that you can open at random and have what you see be relevant to what ever is happening to you.
The verses ARE so obvious that you may end up thinking, "Why didn't I think of that.", but you may not have without this book.
Use this book to see reality more clearly.
Use this book to enhance the way you see life and God.
Use this book to get a better idea of how idealism and reality fit together.

"Of Course, It's Obvious" by Arem R. Jayar is a book of rhythmic thinking full of obvious truths that will open your mind to reality. Yes, reality, where we all find joy and sadness, satisfaction and disappointment, excitement and boredom, idealism and cynicism, pride and humiliation, discretion and gossip, complexity and simple fact, too much and not enough, love and jealousy, good weather and obstacles ... this could go on a long time...

But that is what you need the book for. Read the sample verse below, get a different one every time you visit this page.